Handmade Disclaimer

All ARANÁZ pieces are made with natural, high quality and handmade materials from the Philippines. Each piece is handcrafted locally and may take weeks to be completed. Our items offer a peek in the work of the Filipino hand, highlighting the workmanship from different regions of the country such as weaving, embroidery, wood carving, metal sculpting and more.
The materials we use in our collections are natural. These may feature a variety of characteristics that are intrinsic to the material. Thus, we cannot promise absolute perfection and items free from flaws. None of our items are completely identical as these may vary in size, shape and color. We like to think that this adds to the authenticity and character of each bag. Over time the materials may fray, darken and get dirty due to wear and exposure to the sun.
We recommend to handle your ARANÁZ piece with care: 1) avoid excessive water , 2) do not overstuff when in use, 3) to maintain its shape keep it stuffed with provided paper, 4) keep them stored in the provided pouch. 5) Pieces with brass elements may be polished regularly with brass polish.
Please use our pieces with tender loving care.